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Top Ten Halloween Costumes Based on TV and Movie Characters

Halloween has finally bestowed upon us: that time of year where we can disguise ourselves and impersonate a persona we have never been before. There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up as your favorite television or movie character. This year has brought us some great TV and motion pictures. We've compiled some of the best characters from this year, giving you inspiration for your costumes.

10) Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This year, many people are sure to go as District 12's Hunger Games victor, Katniss Everdeen. Last year, the popular 3-part book series was made into an even more hyped-up movie. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence starred as the book's main character, a bow tossing young girl who sacrifices her life to save her sister and defy the oppressive, Capitol government. The second installment, Catching Fire, is due out this November. Jennifer reprises her role alongside Hollywood hunks Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

To pull off your best Katniss Everdeen, you must achieve "hunter chic." Buy a light, structured, active wear jacket in any camo color. Pair that with riding boots and pants. The Hunger Games made braids big last fall thanks to Katniss' signature side braid. Try any variation of this look.

For those who prefer a more glamorous approach, channel Katniss' "girl on fire" look. It may pose a challenge finding a red gown equipped with fire, like Everdeen's. This look can be achieved with over the top makeup, inspired by The Capitol. A heavily powdered face and futuristic make-up will have you ready to go!

9) Spring Breakers

Yes, it's fall, but why not go on spring break a little early this year? Spring Breakers may have received mixed critical reviews, but the characters are undoubtedly a blast. You'll definitely have a good time this Halloween dressing as the college girls gone wild.

Throw on a string bikini, denim shorts, and sneakers. Then, you must equip yourself with bank robber accessories. Throw on a ski mask and get yourself a fake (definitely fake) weapon. costume for halloween for girls works best if you have three friends willing to take part.

Boys, or comedic girls: try going as Alien, the Riff-Raff inspired rapper who accompanies the girls on their bank robbing spree. You'll need a grill, thug-like clothing, and corn-rows. Spring break forever!

8) A Minion, Despicable Me

Despicable Me 2 was a big hit this summer. Who doesn't love the minions? They are the adorable mini sidekicks of the main character, Gru. You can be one too this Halloween and quite simply!

Stop yourself now if you're thinking of painting your body yellow. Wear a yellow top, overalls, and goggles and you are good to go!

Ooh banana!

7) Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

I don't know about you, but I miss Hannah Montana! Sure Miley 2.0 is great, with her provocative performances and well-received new album. Still, Hannah Montana had "the best of both worlds" and you just can't beat that.

The most important and obvious piece: that big, old' blonde wig. Ms. Montana is most often found in a sequence top or skirt with leggings (anything teeny-bopper). You must have a microphone or, better yet, a microphone headpiece. Make sure to speak with a southern twang and be ready to belt out Hannah Montana's greatest hits.

Costume works best if you have a friend willing to be Miley circa the 2013 VMA's.

6) Game of Thrones

Medieval was never so cool, thanks to the popular HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, A Song of Fire and Ice.

Don your best Stark attire. If you want to be medieval-evil, go as King Jeoffry with a crown and torture devices. If you're thinking about heading beyond The Wall, be sure to wear a faux fur to keep warm!

Females have their share of Thrones-themed costumes. Try Queen Cersei Lannister and don medieval royal fashion. There's also Daenerys Targaryen with her ice white hair and pet dragons. Cloaks and dramatic jewelry will help you achieve these looks. A crown is a nice added touch.

5) A Walker, The Walking Dead

Last week, AMC's hit The Walking Dead returned for season 4. Fans of the show know that walkers (the show's term for zombies) are gory as can be. So in order to be a walker in post-zombie apocalypse glory, you can't be shy on the guts. Rick and the gang are fearless but can still be startled by the always flesh-hungry undead.

There is no dress code for the walker costume. Jeans and a t-shirt works, so long as it's covered in "human flesh." Go to any local Halloween store and purchase a zombie mouth and makeup. Try and look like you just came out of a crypt. If you really want to be the most frightening walker of them all, purchase non-prescription contacts giving you the zombie glazed over eye. Who's hungry?!

If you don't want to go the bloodthirsty route, go as The Governor. The look for Woodbury's evil leader can be achieved with a comb-over and eye patch. Young children can go as Carl.

4) Sons of Anarchy

If you want to look cool this Halloween, be a brother of the Sons of Anarchy. Jax Teller and his gang exude the tough, biker look and you can too. A leather jacket should not be hard to find. However, for those of you who are not already tatted up, you're going to need to be a mock-sleeve. Grow out your hair, and facial hair, to achieve that rugged look.

Girls can try the look by getting biker chic. Leather, denim, and bandanas galore! Or channel Gemma and her bad-mama-jamma hair do'.

3) Ron Burgundy, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Stay classy this Halloween as San Diego's number one newscaster. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is due on this year, so now's the perfect time to dress as the popular Will Ferrell character. The best part of going as Ron Burgundy? You get to drop his countless, classic movie lines all night. "Milk was a bad choice," "You know I don't speak Spanish," "I'm in a glass case of emotion," to name a few.

This costume requires a 70's styled suit. Ridiculous colored suits are preferable. The most important feature is Burgundy's handlebar mustache. Be oblivious to the world around you and you're good to go!

2) Gatsby or Daisy, The Great Gatsby

Suit and tie! Beloved, classic American-novel, The Great Gatsby was remade this summer, becoming a blockbuster hit. The combination of edgy, new music with the swag and decadence of the Roaring 20's made Jay Gatsby cooler than ever. Leonardo DiCaprio took on the role bringing a Jack Dawson-like charm. So you want to Gatsby for Halloween, old sport? First off, you're going to need to suit up. For the full effect, don a pastel hue. Also be sure to lick back your hair.

Ladies can get in on the fun as well, dressing as Daisy Bucchanan, Gatsby's object of affection. Coming from old money, a Daisy costume requires elegance and class. Jewel-encrusted flapper dresses, pearls, and feather headbands will give you this look. A powdered face with neutral eyes and bold lips will finish it off.

1) Walter White and Jesse Pinkmen, Breaking Bad

Chances are you're still not over the series finale of the critically acclaimed AMC series. To give yourself some closure, dress up as one of your favorite cooks!

"Tread lightly," as Walter White by wearing khaki pants and a modest, long-sleeved button down. Finish your chemistry teacher look off with bifocals, a bald cap and a mustache. But don't forget, you can't be Heizenburg without the "blue stuff."

Poor Jessie Pinkmen was just you're regular pothead before he got mixed up with Mr. White. To dress up as the meth addict, simply wear loose fitting clothing, a t-shirt over a hoodie and a beanie. Trick-or-Treat, b***h!

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