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Oregon alumnus gives gift to boy's home at Oregon vs. California game

<halloween costumes for boys skeletonh2>Oregon alumnus gives gift to boy's home at Oregon vs. California game

During the second timeout of tonight's game against California a man with a large check will be seen on the field at Autzen Stadium accompanied by a few young men from St. Mary's Home for Boys located in Beaverton, Ore.

Every year Dick Sorenson, 1962 alumnus of the University of Oregon and senior managing director for the Royal Bank of Canada, makes a substantial monetary donation to the University of Oregon sponsoring a game on behalf of RBC.

Simultaneously, he personally picks a charity in Oregon to raise money for to combine the two causes. Sorenson has a heart for kids and his past fundraising has been gifted to CASA of Lane County or the Ronald McDonald House. He and his colleagues go to work raking in the donations for their charity, then get to gift it by means of a giant check (both physically and monetarily) at an Oregon football game every year.

This year, Sorenson and his colleagues from across Oregon have personally raised $21,850 that will be directly donated to St. Mary's Home for Boys. That is what Oregon fans will see happening when the second flag is thrown during first quarter.

"You can be mentors to these boys, but I can't do it because it just kills me. So I do stuff like this," Sorenson said.

St. Mary's Home for Boys is a place where young men aged 7-17 are placed by the state when they are taken out of severely abusive homes.The boys get rehabilitated here and it begins with meeting the boys' basic need for safety and is supplemented by the presence of caring adults. Next, the boys are integrated back into school and some receive mental health care due to traumas they've endured.

The boys that you will see on the field with Sorenson today will have earned their spot there. Dick has encouraged the boys to keep a quality grade point average and to conduct themselves in an exemplary way as often as they are able.

"The competition was both grades and behavior. We had to take every name to the judge to be approved," Sorenson said.

This is not the first or last time Sorenson and his colleagues will actively play a role in the lives of these boys. Sorenson compliments the fundraising coordinator Lynda Walker at St. Mary's for her passion for the young men and the ease with which he works with her.

"I went to college to be a schoolteacher. But the boys are so sweet and their stories are so sad-you just stay, said Walker, who has been with St. Mary's Home for Boys for 44 years.

The 20 boys out of the 104 who reside at the home and were chosen to accompany Sorenson to the game this evening, will sit together at the game in a special section with Sorenson and his colleagues, as the other boys watch the game from Beaverton, celebrating in style with a pizza party. To learn more about St. Mary's Home for Boys visit here.

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7 Snack Ideas for a Hauntingly Healthier Halloween Party

halloween food instructables is a candy-crazed free-for all once the sun goes down and trick-or-treating begins. I catch my kids digging into their treat bags and chowing down between houses, and there's no use stopping the wild animals that have taken over the children.

That's why each year I host a healthy start halloween party for the neighborhood. All the kids come over in costume and parade around comparing the different ensembles (last year we had five spiderman's of adorableness!) and acting out their characters - all while feeding on healthy snacks to fuel them for the long night running around on a sugar high.

I like to keep things simple and easy and fun for kids. Here are some great recipes and idea's for a healthy start to your Halloween.

Disney Online Mom & Family Portfolio

The Walt Disney Company supports Babble as a platform dedicated to honest, engaged, informed, intelligent and open conversation about parenting. However, the opinions expressed on this site are those of individual parents/writers and do not reflect the views of Disney. In addition, content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or safety advice.

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A not-so-scary Mickey's Halloween Party returns to Disneyland

<halloween party favor cupsp>The initial pitch to transform the Haunted Mansion attraction with a Halloween overlay based on "The Nightmare Before Christmas" didn't receive a warm reception from the Disneyland brass.

Tim Burton's quirky stop-motion animated musical fantasy seemed too dark and twisted of a holiday theme for the classic Disneyland dark ride.

Thirteen years later Haunted Mansion Holiday is the cornerstone of Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland, with hour-plus lines throughout the season.

Photos: Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

The transformation of the Haunted Mansion takes three weeks every year with crews adding decorations, animations, props and large set pieces inspired by the 1993 movie. Each year a few new elements are added -- from the pumpkin mountain to the ballroom tree to the gingerbread house.

Disneyland takes the same approach with the annual Halloween festivities, incorporating a couple new elements to an event that largely stays the same from year to year. This season the Monsters U dance party at the Tomorrowland Terrace joins the lineup with a "family-friendly frat party" hosted by scare students Mike and Sully.

The up-charge event is the one time of year when visitors can wear costumes while trick or treating at candy stations located throughout the park.

Other attractions returning this year to Mickey's Halloween Party include:

* "Halloween Screams" fireworks spectacular hosted by "master of scare-omonies" Jack Skellington, star of "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

* "Mickey's Costume Party" parade with Disney characters dressed in Halloween costumes.

* Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, which adds ghostly special effects and a creepy soundtrack to the indoor roller coaster.

* The Cadaver Dans singing quartet performing on a graveyard-themed raft on the Rivers of America.

* A Dia de los Muertos tribute with a traditional skeleton display and brightly colored altars festooned with marigolds and sugar skulls.

* Disney villains posing for photos while strolling along Main Street U.S.A.

* Halloween crafts and pumpkin carving in Big Thunder Ranch.

Tickets for the evening-only event range from $59 to $74. Mickey's Halloween Party dates include Oct. 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 and 31.

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Youth sports: When is it OK for girls to play on a boys team?

"Ready, set, hike... the quarterback takes the snap and he hands off to his running back. She makes a five yard gain." SHE? He hands off to a "she"?

Yes that's right. Caroline Pla plays tackle football with the boys. She is 11 years old and in the sixth grade. At 5-feet 3-inches tall and weighing in at 110 pounds, she is actually one of the biggest on the team. She must have hit her "growth spurt" earlier than some of her teammates.

She plays on the offensive line and defensive end. "Boy,'' she must be pretty good to play on both sides of the ball. Most kids play either offense or defense. She plays both. "Man,'' that is not easy to do?

Or should I say, "played"? The Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia has ruled that she can no longer play tackle football with the boys.

Statistics show that there are 1,600 girls in the United States that play football on high school teams.

Would you let your daughter play tackle football with the boys? What do you think as a parent? Is there a safety issue here that needs to be taken into consideration?

What about the fact that football is a contact sport and might be "inappropriate" halloween costumes for girls zombies the boys and girls to be mixing it up in coed football? Would too many "illegal use of the hands" penalties force you to pull her out?

Maybe it is fine until the kids get to a certain age? Do five year olds really care who they are blocking? At the high school level, the opportunity may present itself that first you block her and knock her down. Then while extending a helping hand in assisting her to get up, (which is the "gentlemanly" thing to do) you ask her to join you at the post game sock hop in the school gymnasium.

If age is a criterion for deciding boys and girls playing together, should we consider which sport we are talking about as a deciding factor?

Is coed basketball ok? What if a girl throws overhand better than underhand; should she swap girls softball for boys baseball?

Should ability be a consideration?

What if she is better than all the girl tennis players on the school team, should she play in boys tournaments to give her better competition, preparing her for college level competition?

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Outdoor Home Theater Gets a Boost at CEDIA 2013

Entertainment can be accessed anytime and anywhere these days, and one of fastest growing venues is outdoors.

To increase awareness of the options that consumers have available to set up a backyard, rooftop, or other outdoor entertainment system, SunbriteTV (makers of outdoor TVs) and Soundcast Systems (makers of outdoor and wireless speakers and audio systems) announced at the 2013 CEDIA EXPO that they have joined together to from the Outdoor Entertainment Alliance (OEA).

This new partnership seeks to promote the options and benefits of outdoor entertainment by providing and co-ordinating educational and retail partnerships with dealers and installers, as well as resources for advertising to reach the general public. For more details, read the Official Press Release.

In addition, SunbriteTV also announced a new wireless transceiver product that allows the transmission of any HDMI audio/video source to SunBriteTVs. This means that you can have your TV outside, and keep your Blu-ray Disc player, cable/satellite box, or other source inside the the house, reducing outdoor cable clutter, up to 150 feet away. However, line-of-sight setup between the transmitter and receiver is required. For all the details, check out the Sunbrite SB-HDWT Wireless HD Transceiver Product Page.

For more on outdoor entertainment setup options, read my article: Backyard Home Theater

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AT&T Digital Life, New Home Security And Automation Service, Launches Friday In Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- AT&T* today announced that on Friday, Sept. 27 it will launch Digital Life in Charlotte along with five other markets: Hartford, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Tulsa . AT&T Digital LifeSM makes customers' lives easier by simplifying the management of their home. Digital Life offers security, convenience and peace of mind, in a customizable and easy-to-use experience from smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Beginning Friday, customers in these six new markets can receive a live demo and purchase Digital Life in company owned retail stores. Including the new markets launching on Friday, Digital Life will be available in 45 markets, with plans to launch the service in up to 50 markets by the end of 2013.

With Digital Life, customers can use their existing home broadband provider, and any wireless phone service, and enjoy the security and convenience of a home management system with the flexibility to meet their unique needs.

-- Actively Protected & In Control: The foundation of Digital Life is complete home security with 24/7 professional monitoring that allows you to know what is happening at home, or where an event has occurred. Through AT&T-owned and operated, U.S.-based monitoring centers, professionals will respond to emergencies and alert police and fire authorities.

-- Seamlessly Connected: Digital Life is an all-digital, fully integrated, wireless home management system, giving customers flexibility to manage their home from their smartphone, tablet or PC. Our takeover module lets you easily extend your existing security system and investment. The Digital Life application is available on most web browsers. Apps are available for iOS, as well as Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones. To ensure customers' privacy is protected, Digital Life has a secure log in system each time the app is opened from any Internet-connected device.

-- Amazingly Simple & Intuitive: A user-friendly application was designed to be as simple as possible, making it easier than ever to manage your home. The Digital Life application gives customers control over cameras, door locks, lights, thermostats, small appliances and more by setting alerts or programs to manage your home. It's all integrated into one simple system.

-- Personalized & Flexible: Digital Life provides total flexibility so you can personalize your home to adapt to everyday life - with custom notifications and scheduled tasks. Add devices and solutions anytime, as your needs grow, or your lifestyle changes.

"Digital Life is committed to offering our customers an easy and convenient way to secure their homes, protect their families and simplify their lives from virtually anywhere," said Laurent Therivel, AT&T's vice president and general manager of Mobility and Consumer Markets in the Carolinas. "With the launch of these six new markets, we're looking forward to making Digital Life available to more customers throughout the country."

Digital Life recently achieved the "CSAA Five Diamond Certification," testifying that 100 percent of Digital Life central station operators have achieved proficiency and certification by passing the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course. These courses cover virtually all phases of central station communications with customers, law enforcement, fire and emergency services communications centers. This area of communications is an important link between the residential or business properties and the law enforcement, fire and emergency services in local areas.

In addition, the Digital Life team has invested significant time and resources to achieve 100 percent quality operator training. Across the industry, there are approximately 2,700 companies or central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with law enforcement and fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, fewer than one hundred fifty central stations have achieved the "CSAA Five Diamond Certified" status.

PricingCustomers can choose from two base plans: Simple Security, which is our basic home security package; or Smart Security which includes enhanced security features and the option to add home automation. For a limited time, customers who sign up for AT&T Digital Life will receive $100 instant savings on Digital Life equipment at the time of purchase. *2 year Smart Security agreement required.

-- Simple Security: Includes 24/7 home monitoring, 24-hour battery backup, a wireless keypad, keychain remote, recessed sensors and an indoor siren for $29.99 a month plus $149.99 for equipment.

-- Smart Security: Includes the benefits of Simple Security plus a choice of three of the following features: motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor or takeover kit. Smart Security begins at $39.99 a month plus $249.99 for equipment.

Customers who select Smart Security can add these automation packages:

-- Camera Package: View live video from inside and outside of the home for an additional $9.99 a month plus equipment.

-- Energy Package: Control appliances, lighting and thermostats for convenience and energy efficiency for an additional $4.99 a month plus equipment.

-- Door Package: Allow a pet sitter or repairman into your home remotely with automated door locks, or check to see whether your garage door is open or closed for an additional $4.99 a month plus equipment.

-- Water Detection Package: Detect water leaks before damage occurs for an additional $4.99 a month plus equipment.

-- Water Control Package: Detect leaks and shut off water at the main water source for an additional $9.99 a month plus equipment.

Experience Digital LifeDigital Life offers a simple purchasing process with several options. Digital Life will be sold and demonstrated in nearly 1,200 company owned retail stores in 45 markets. You can also learn and buy at, call 855-288-2727 or schedule an appointment with an in-home sales consultant.

To learn more about Digital Life availability, visit

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

1 Offer ends November 9, 2013. New 2-yr Digital Life agmt w/ Smart Security pkg. ($39.99/mo; $249.99/equipment fee) req'd. Receive $100 instant discount off equipment fee. Offer not combinable with other Digital Life promotions.

Available in limited zip codes. 2-yr Digital Life Agreement w/ credit approval req'd. Residential customers in single family homes and townhomes/duplexes with no shared ceilings/floors only. Smoke sensors not available in townhomes/duplexes. Sufficient wireless signal strength, broadband Internet service, & 3-prong outlet at service address req'd. Digital Life equipment may be incompatible with some homes. Early Termination Fee: After 30 days after installation, early termination fee up to $720. Restocking Fee: After installation, up to $99. Other Monthly Charges: Taxes and other charges apply; surcharges and additional fees may apply. Prices, features and offers subject to change without notice. Installation work performed by licensed personnel where required by law. Digital Life customer agreement & policies avail at

Digital Life license info avail at; also CA ACO #7091; FL EF20001090; Ga. Sec. of State #11018719; IL 127.001502; MA 7067C; MN TS667356; NC BPN 007236P3 & NC 14553-L; NJ BL000010; NY 12000297692, licensed by the N.Y.S. Dept. of State; OK 1904; OR CCB 199880; PA HIC 078833; TN 1792; TX B17159; VA 11-7142, WV 051294. 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319, 1-855-288-2727.

About AT&TAT&T Inc. is a premier communications holding company and one of the most honored companies in the world. Its subsidiaries and affiliates - AT&T operating companies - are the providers of AT&T services in the United States and internationally. With a powerful array of network resources that includes the nation's fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network, AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet, voice and cloud-based services. A leader in mobile Internet, AT&T also offers the best wireless coverage worldwide of any U.S. carrier, offering the most wireless phones that work in the most countries. It also offers advanced TV service with the AT&T U-verse® brand. The company's suite of IP-based business communications services is one of the most advanced in the world.

Additional information about AT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T subsidiaries and affiliates is available at or follow our news on Twitter at @ATT, on Facebook at and YouTube at

© 2013 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking StatementsInformation set forth in this news release contains financial estimates and other forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially. A discussion of factors that may affect future results is contained in AT&T's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. AT&T disclaims any obligation to update or revise statements contained in this news release based on new information or otherwise.


Copyright (C) 2013 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

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'Repulsive' Serial Rapist and Robber Wanted in 30 Attacks Across 3 Counties


Riverside police and other agencies asked for the public's help Wednesday in identifying a serial rapist and robber involved in dozens of violent attacks on women at businesses in three counties.

The male attacker - described as about 6 feet tall and weighing 240 to 260 pounds - has sexually assaulted women at dozens of massage parlors, spas and acupuncture clinics, authorities said.

Some victims were badly beaten, police said. The man also told victims he would kill them if they contacted police, authorities said.

His DNA profile has been available to police for a decade but he has not been identified or caught, Riverside Police Department Detective Arulio Melendez said during a morning news conference Wednesday.

"He's operating in what we could call a normal state of mind during the rest of his life ... He's able to compartmentalize," Melendez said.

In one case, the man chased a 55-year-old woman down a hallway, slammed her into a wall, dislocating her shoulder and knocking out five teeth, Melendez said. He then punched her and dragged her down the hallway by her hair, he added.

"He's capable of great violence," Melendez said. "It's repulsive."

Seven different law enforcement agencies have teamed up in the search, according to the Riverside Police Department.

More than 30 people across Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties have been victimized, police said. Only one of the crimes occurred in the city of Riverside - the attacker's most recent, police said.

Twelve of the crimes have been tied to the same attacker through DNA evidence, while other crimes fit similar descriptions - often including a robbery, Melendez said.

The crimes occurred from 2003 to 2009, according to evidence, but Melendez said police believe the attacks could be continuing but are not getting reported.

That could be in part because the victims are foreign nationals who are not familiar with local police or are ashamed, police said.

"There's no reason to believe he's just stopped," Melendez said.

Wednesday's news conference was the first time authorities were publicly connecting all the crimes, Melendez said. Police released security camera footage of the attacker in several settings.

Some victims came forward to report a robbery, only later saying they were sexually assaulted, police said.

The primary concern of police was to identify and help victims of the attacker, Melendez said.

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Jim Parsons calls beau 'favorite person on the planet' in Emmy speech

Washington, Sept 23 (ANI): 'The Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons called his longtime boyfriend, Todd Spiewak, his favourite person on the planet, while receiving his Emmy Award.

Parsons, who has won 3 Emmy Awards for his portrayal of 'Sheldon Cooper' in the comedy series, had previously thanked his boyfriend of 10 years in 2011 Emmy award acceptance speech, Us Magazine reported.

The 40-year-old actor though has not spoken much publicly about his partner, but Spiewak has been spotted by his side at several awards shows and other events. (ANI)

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Gamasutra - Press Releases - Ares Will Save the World October 2, 2013


[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Torrance, CA September 20, 2013 - Aksys Games is proud to announce that Ares, the alien cyborg sent to end Zytron's reign of terror and save Minos Station, will be come to save the world guns blazin' on October 2, 2013 on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in North America (Canada/Mexico/US), Europe (including Australia and New Zealand) and Japan! is an action-packed 2D side-scrolling platform game by ORiGO Games and Extend Studios that originally took Steam by storm in 2009, winning second place in Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play contest. Now redesigned specifically for Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360 with amazing graphics, new bosses and stages, a new character, and loads more content, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX on XBLA is a completely new experience for old and new fans alike! Purchase it on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360!

A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX Story Summary

In the year 2060, humanity has reached the stars. As they began to venture forth into the universe, they encountered an alien race known as the Atzai, who gave them the technology to combat the pollution that had been plaguing Earth. With this technology, humankind and the Atzai built Minos Space Station, which was design to convert pollution into fuel for space travel. For once, Earth was at peace and a strong bond was forged between Human and Machine. However, not all Atzai agreed with the human race and slowly rebel factions formed inside the Atzai ranks.

The year is now 2094, and rebel faction leader Zytron has attacked and taken control of Minos Space Station, along with all of its machines. Receiving a distress call from Dr. Julia Carson, Minos Space Station's chief engineer, Atzai Command sends their best to save the survivors and stop Zytron from his secret "Extinction Agenda" for mankind.

Take control of Ares and newcomer Tarus for two separate story arcs, and uncover the conspiracy behind Zytron's invasion of Minos Station.

Ares is a combat specialist built to run faster, jump higher, and fire quicker. Tarus is a battle veteran built for giving and taking damage with his tank-like body. Together with their orbital handler Valkyl, they must race against the clock to save the survivors and stop Zytron's Extinction Agenda.

So What's New?

Receiving Console Transmission - A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX has been refitted with new console friendly designs, including a new UI, control scheme, and leaderboards.

Upgrade Complete - Armed with new weapons, abilities, and even a new playable ally, humanity's secret weapon has never been stronger.

Obstruction Eminent - Ares isn't the only one with new tricks; new enemies and bosses have also joined the fray. Along with challenges stages, you'll need all your might and power to fight off these guys.

Uncharted Sectors - With readjusted maps and completely new levels, there are an abundance of areas to explore for new and returning robots alike. Delve deeper into the world of A.R.E.S. and discover new areas of Minos Space Station you never knew existed!

Visuals Updated - New high resolution textures as well as brand new animated cut scenes.

Audio Enhanced - A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX comes complete with the original soundtrack by Hyperduck Soundworks. Also now boasting a completely new additional soundtrack for the second campaign from Heavy Metal master Charlie Parra Del Riego, a perfect fit for Tarus the heavy metal Tanker.

For more information, visit the official website at or

A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX is rated E10+ by the Electronic Software Ratings Board. For more information, please visit:

About Aksys Games

Founded in 2006 in Torrance, California, Aksys Games Localization, Inc. is a localization studio and visionary video game publisher specializing in the Japanese-to-English translation of games and committed to publishing unique, multicultural, high-quality interactive content for all current-generation platforms with its talented staff. Its lineup of games includes the Record of Agarest War series, Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (Winning "Best Story/Writing" Awards from IGN and Nintendo Power), Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and the acclaimed BlazBlue fighting game series. More information about Aksys Games and its products can be found on the company's website,

About Extend Studio:

Developer Extend Studio, also known as Extend Interactive (x10), is a leading independent developer in Thailand. The studio is composed of a close-knit team of designers, programmers, artists, and management folks, all striving as a team to deliver high-quality titles on multiple platforms. In addition to developing A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, X10 is currently working on a new project called "So Many Me," a charming puzzle platformer. More information about Extend Studio can be found on the studio's website,


ORiGO GAMES Pte, LTD. Was founded in 2010 and is comprised of a small team of industry veterans with over 40 years of combined production and marketing experience. ORiGO assists game developers from around the world build better products and reach larger audiences through dedicated network and pool of publishing resources, giving the developers more time to focus on what they do best: make great games. More information about Origo Games can be found on their website:

Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, and the Xbox logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies and are used under license from Microsoft.

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Amazon's former CFO and chief strategy officer Joy Covey died yesterday in a bicycle crash near Portola Valley. Covey, who lived in Woodside, collided with a minivan, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Covey managed Amazon's finances during its early days in 1996 before the company became an Internet powerhouse, when it lost money for years. Today Amazon has market capitalization of more than $144 billion.

James Dunn is a senior editor at the San Francisco Business Times. Major projects include editing TechFlash, Best Places to Work, Outstanding Directors and Most-admired CEOs.

Source: Bizjournals

It has enraged jack Klugman's son Adam that a young actor at the start of his career, Cory Monteith, is getting a tribute on the 2013 Primetime Emmy show. While Adam's father, the legendary Jack Klugman has been snubbed by the Emmy hierarchy. Adam is quite rightly furious that his dad, who died aged 90 on December 14 2012 is not being honoured.

The 50 year-old media strategist and campaign consultant spoke to AP to say that he felt it was criminal that his father, who played Oscar Madison in the small screen version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple and, later Quincey M.E. was not going to be remembered on the upcoming show.

Adam, who is one of Jack Klugman's sons - the other is David - said that he felt it was insulting and typical of "this youth-centric culture." He also revealed that the program was catering to a specific small target demographic, which was aimed at younger adults.

Adam Somers Klugman, stated that he had nothing bad to say about Cory Monteith, but he pointed out that he was a young actor who died because of a "self-induced" tragedy and that Montieth had not won any Emmys. It enrages Adam that his father Jack Klugman has been snubbed by the Primetime Emmy Awards who have chosen to have a tribute for Monteith instead.

Jack Klugman was nominated many times for Primetime Emmys in his career and the legendary actor took home three Emmys in total. Jack won his first Emmy for his work as a guest star in 1964s The Defenders. But it was as sportswriter Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, opposite Tony Randall as Felix Unger, that Klugman won his next Emmys. It was in the lead role of Quincey M.E. that Klugman was nominated another four times.

It seems that Adam Klugman's charge of appealing to the younger members of the targeted demographic is not far off. Ken Ehrlich, executive producer for the Emmys, released a statement to Associated Press that said Cory Monteith and his Glee character, Finn Hudson, appealed to a "younger generation" and that all the producers felt that Monteith should be given a tribute.

There will be only five deceased stars honoured during the ceremony as part of the "In Memoriam" portion of the show. Adam Klugman is not the only critic of the choice to honor Monteith, several have suggested that there may be some "late" stars who deserved to be among the five names to be remembered.

Actor Cory Monteith, died in a tragic overdose of alcohol and heroin July this year in a Vancouver, Canada hotel room. Despite Klugman's issue with Monteith's death being "self-inflicted" Ehrlich insisted that the tribute was fitting.

Not only was it a chance to celebrate Cory's work on Glee, but it could also serve as a cautionary tale. The other late stars who will receive a tribute are: Jean Stapleton from All in the Family, James Gandolfini from The Sopranos, Gary David Goldberg producer of Family Ties as well as Monteith from Glee.

Robin Williams will be saluting his friend and mentor Jonathan Winters who worked with Williams on the Mory & Mindy show to bring the total of tributes to five.

Jack Klugman was an award winning actor who had a long and brilliant career on television. Is it any surprise that his son Adam is enraged at the snub his father had gotten from the Primetime Emmys. The Emmys producers opting instead to have a special tribute for Cory Monteith must be a bitter pill for Adam Klugman to swallow.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

Source: Guardianlv

PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Diamondbacks almost got the Los Angeles dodgers out of town, if not out of mind.

But the Dodgers rallied in the final game between the two teams this season for a 7-6 victory on Thursday behind Hanley Ramirez's two home runs.

And the Diamondbacks had to watch the Dodgers celebrate clinching the NL West title.

"Maybe this year it's them," Arizona's Martin Prado said, "maybe next year it's us."

BOX SCORE: MORE: 17 awesome things about the Dodgers Dodgers 7, Diamondbacks 6

The Dodgers ran back out from the clubhouse and jumped in the Chase Field swimming pool to celebrate, much to the displeasure of Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers and other members of the organization.

But there was little that could be done. It was time for the Dodgers to party, and for the Diamondbacks to contemplate a faded season.

"We were in first place for a long time and let it slip away," Arizona starter Wade Miley said. "To watch them do that it is hard to swallow."

Ramirez, in the lineup after being sidelined five of six games with an irritated nerve in his lower back, played in his 1,090th career game, but this will be his first postseason. Only three active players have played more games without making the playoffs.

"I want to keep going," Ramirez said. "I think that we've got a couple of more steps to do. We've got to keep working and stay together all the way through to the end."

LA: CELEBRATION: D-backs upset with pool dive Trout becoming a legend

The Diamondbacks could be chasing the Dodgers for some time.

Despite an NL-high payroll of $214 million-plus on opening day, the Dodgers got off to an 30-42 start and were last in the division, 9½ games behind the first-place Diamondbacks, before play on June 22. Los Angeles has gone 58-23 since, including an unreal 42-8 run.

The Dodgers trailed 6-3 in the sixth and A.J. Ellis hit a tiebreaking homer off Josh Collmenter (4-4) leading off the eighth.

J.P. Howell (2-1) got two outs for the victory.

Ramirez, hit a three-run homer in the third inning and a tying solo shot in the seventh. It was his 14th career multihomer game and first since Aug. 18 of last year.

It was fitting he was the star of the clinching win.

"We're a veteran ballclub," Adrian Gonzalez said. "We understand it's not how you start, it's how you finish."

In the ninth, with a sizeable contingent of Dodger fans roaring its approval, Kenley Jansen fanned Paul Goldschmidt and Martin Prado before Hill's fly all ended it for his 26th save.

Arizona manager Kirk Gibson, whose team won the division two years ago, appreciated what the Dodgers had accomplished, even if it was difficult to watch them celebrate on the Diamondbacks' turf.

FTW: Inside Dodgers' celebration

"You just take it in and reflect on some things," Gibson said. "We still have to play hard the rest of the way out. It is disappointing. We fought hard and the guys played good today. We were unable to secure the lead."

With new ownership taking over from Frank McCourt on May 1 last year, the Dodgers stumbled this spring and Mattingly's job appeared to be in jeopardy.

But Los Angeles won 17 of 20 leading into the All-Star break and was 22 games above .500 after a three-game sweep of the Mets on Aug. 17.

Lately, the banged-up team had struggled, losing nine of 12 and five of six entering Thursday's games.

Los Angeles started strong in this one, though.

Miley's troubles in the third began when he walked Dodgers starter Ricky Nolasco to lead off the inning. Yasiel Puig was forced out at second on a throw from right fielder Gerardo Parra after the base runner held up on Jerry Hairston Jr.'s blooper. That brought up Ramirez and he homered to left to make it 3-0.

Nolasco couldn't hold it.

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Arizona started the third with four consecutive hits, including an RBI double from Paul Goldschmidt and two-run triple by Prado to tie it at 3. Miguel Montero singled Prado home with the go-ahead run. After Parra's two-out single, Miley's double to deep left-center brought the runners in to make it 6-3.

Los Angeles came back.

Consecutive doubles by Juan Uribe and Scott Van Slyke, followed by Ellis' RBI single cut the lead to 6-5 in the sixth, then Ramirez led off the seventh with his 20th home run of the season, on an 0-2 pitch from Chaz Roe, and it was tied 6-all.

Collmenter came on to get Arizona out of trouble in the seventh, but Ellis, the No. 9 hitter in the Dodgers batting order, sent the first pitch of the eighth just over the fence in left and Los Angeles led 7-6.

Miley went five innings, allowing three runs on five hits with four walks and three strikeouts. Nolasco went five innings, giving up six runs on nine hits.

Source: Usatoday

TOKYO - Hiroshi Yamauchi, who transformed his great-grandfather's playing-card company, Nintendo, into a global video game powerhouse, died on Thursday in Kyoto, Japan. He was 85.

The cause was complications of pneumonia, the company said.

Mr. Yamauchi, who led Nintendo from 1949 to 2002, was Japan's most unlikely high-tech success story. Named president of the family business at 22, he steered Nintendo into board games, light-emitting toy guns and baseball pitching machines - fruitless forays that he later attributed to a "lack of imagination" - before the company arrived at arcade games.

Its Donkey Kong and the original Mario Bros. became hits and gave rise to Nintendo's wildly successful home video game business.

The Nintendo Entertainment System, a console first released in Japan in 1983 as "Famicom," unseated early leaders in the video game industry, selling more than 60 million units thanks to shrewd marketing, close attention to product quality and a crop of games based on unlikely yet endearing characters that soon became household names.

In 1988, The New York Times wrote: "Many Nintendo best sellers, like Super Mario Bros. 2, are based on wildly preposterous premises, this particular one being two mustachioed Italian janitors who endure various trials, such as dodging hammer-swinging turtles and lava balls and man-eating plants, in order to save a Mushroom Princess. No matter. Kids can't get enough of the games."

Under Mr. Yamauchi, who professed not to understand video games, Nintendo went on to dominate the business. When a successor machine was released in 1990, fans camped outside electronics stores for days in anticipation; it sold almost 50 million units. Next came the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Game Cube home consoles, as well as Game Boy hand-held machines. Nintendo dominates the list of all-time top-selling games.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Yamauchi found himself in the middle of an international dispute when he offered to buy a majority stake in the Seattle Mariners. The team, established in 1977, had been threatening to leave Seattle if it could not find a new owner willing to keep it there. Nintendo had its United States headquarters in Seattle.

The team's owners approved the deal but the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Fay Vincent, and a four-man M.L.B. owners' committee initially opposed it. They relented and approved the sale in 1992 after Mariners fans and the Seattle news media rallied in favor of it. In 2001, the Mariners signed the star Japanese outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, now with the Yankees, helping to open the door for many more Japanese players to join major league teams in the United States.

In a show of his characteristic detachment, however, Mr. Yamauchi confessed at the time that he was not much interested in baseball, either. He said he had never gone to a baseball game and is thought to have never gone since. One of his few hobbies was the Japanese board game Go, which he played at the master's level.

Hiroshi Yamauchi was born in Kyoto on Nov. 7, 1927. He was raised by his grandparents after his father, Shikanojo Yamauchi, deserted the family.

The Yamauchis had been makers of hanafuda cards, a Japanese playing-card game based on flowers, since 1889. Once favored by the elite, it became popular as a gambling game, often played by Japanese gangsters.

Mr. Yamauchi joined the family business in 1949 after his grandfather had a stroke. He moved quickly to take control at the company, forcing out a cousin and later purging officers appointed by his grandfather.

But the playing-card business was in terminal decline, and Mr. Yamauchi shifted the company's focus to one toy after another until he found success with video games in the 1980s. He was helped by the renowned video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who joined the company in 1977 and created Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Wii and other products.

Mr. Yamauchi developed a strategy that set him apart from other consumer electronics manufacturers in Japan. From early on, he farmed out the production of Nintendo's video game machines to smaller suppliers, allowing the company to maintain a relatively small staff and low overhead costs. Nintendo approved only a handful of games each year, whether designed internally or by outside companies, ensuring that prices and profit margins remained high.

There were some misfires under Mr. Yamauchi's watch. The company's cumbersome, headache-inducing Virtual Boy portable console - a red box on legs with rubber visors that players peered into to play games in 3-D - was a flop. And beginning in the late 1990s, first Sony, then Microsoft steamrolled into the gaming market with new consoles - the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively - challenging Nintendo's dominance.

Mr. Yamauchi stepped down in 2002 - "I have no energy left," he told reporters - and is credited with going outside the family to appoint a successor to steer Nintendo through rocky times. Under Satoru Iwata, the current Nintendo president, the company roared back with its Nintendo DS hand-held machine and the Wii home game console, though Mr. Iwata, too, has stumbled with the most recent hardware releases and is increasingly under siege by smartphone games.

Mr. Yamauchi's survivors include a son, Katsuhito.

In one of his last interviews, with the magazine Nikkei Business in 2003, Mr. Yamauchi offered a longer view of the gaming market. At the time, Nintendo was being pummeled by Sony's immensely popular PlayStation 2 console. But he scoffed at suggestions that the battle for supremacy in gaming was over.

"That's absolutely wrong; the gaming wars, they will never end," he said, adding: "That's just not how this business works. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring."

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: September 19, 2013

A previous version of this article misidentified the type of Japanese playing cards that the Yamauchi family made. They had been makers of hanafuda cards, not karuta cards.

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