Thursday, February 27, 2014

New app cuts out coupon clipping, maximizes savings

Careful couponing can mean some serious savings, but who has time for all that work?

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello says a new smartphone app is all about cutting out the clipping while maximizing the money shoppers get back.

Shopper Sheila White is not the same shopper she was six months ago.

Saving money used to be limited to sales and price matching, but now, she's all about strategy.

Not only does she clip coupons, but she times their redemption so they match up with store sales.

"My food bill used to be $156 a week," she said. "It's now $67 a week."

But not everyone has time for that, which is where the smartphone app, Checkout 51, comes in.

The app is poised to make shoppers smarter by offering cash back on what you buy -- without clipping a single Printable Coupons.

It also features new offers about once a week.

FOX 4 asked White to help take the app for a test drive.

Immediately, she was rewarded with $2 cash back just for trying it out and found savings throughout the store.

White was instantly impressed at the variety of offers, which are brand specific.

The coupons aren't store specific, though, allowing you to shop where you like and save on everything from cereal to bananas.

The app allows you to stack its deals with the coupons you clip.

At the end of White's shopping trip, her grocery total was $37.17, and coupons saved her $2.50.

But at checkout time, by using Checkout 51 and the deals she wanted to redeem, her account was credited $9.50.

Add to that an additional in-store deal, and her total savings was $17 - almost half off.

So how do you cash out?

Each time you accumulate $20 back, Checkout 51 sends you a check.

The app is free and for both iPhone and Android.

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