Friday, March 28, 2014

Design personalized gift coupons

It is the most time-honored way to send a gift without having to whip out your wallet. All you need is a creative idea for a Discount or an IOU, and GoodFor will help you make a gorgeous coupon that will make anyone in your life feel extra special.

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend? Create a coupon that is GoodFor "One free back rub." Does mom have a birthday coming up? Use this app to create a coupon GoodFor "Breakfast in bed." Are you short on cash and needing a great gift for your BFF? Use this app to create a coupon that is GoodFor "One free house cleaning." The possibilities are endless.

The idea behind GoodFor is to give you an easy way to create and share personal IOU coupons with your loved ones. Just download the app, and select a background. Pick from their featured illustrated designs, or pick an image from your camera roll. Customize the design by choosing your own border, font and other decorative flourishes. Make them funny, heartfelt or as snarky as you want. When completed, send your GoodFor via email or SMS.

Whenever you send someone a GoodFor, the person receiving it will almost certainly give you a big hug! Also, you are now officially in debt. The GoodFor recipient can cash in their coupons WHENEVER they want! Although, these coupons are not "real" coupons (like the kind you would find for retailers in the SnipSnap app) and they cannot be redeemed for cash, they are valuable and represent your word; therefore, they should be binding.

Send them to your mom, your boyfriend and even your boss. Above all, make sure you are giving that someone special a promise that will bring a smile to their face . . . and that you are prepared to keep.

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Sandra Dulakis is a nurse, mother, wife and founder of Coupon

Clippin' Cuties.

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