Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outdoor Home Theater Gets a Boost at CEDIA 2013

Entertainment can be accessed anytime and anywhere these days, and one of fastest growing venues is outdoors.

To increase awareness of the options that consumers have available to set up a backyard, rooftop, or other outdoor entertainment system, SunbriteTV (makers of outdoor TVs) and Soundcast Systems (makers of outdoor and wireless speakers and audio systems) announced at the 2013 CEDIA EXPO that they have joined together to from the Outdoor Entertainment Alliance (OEA).

This new partnership seeks to promote the options and benefits of outdoor entertainment by providing and co-ordinating educational and retail partnerships with dealers and installers, as well as resources for advertising to reach the general public. For more details, read the Official Press Release.

In addition, SunbriteTV also announced a new wireless transceiver product that allows the transmission of any HDMI audio/video source to SunBriteTVs. This means that you can have your TV outside, and keep your Blu-ray Disc player, cable/satellite box, or other source inside the the house, reducing outdoor cable clutter, up to 150 feet away. However, line-of-sight setup between the transmitter and receiver is required. For all the details, check out the Sunbrite SB-HDWT Wireless HD Transceiver Product Page.

For more on outdoor entertainment setup options, read my article: Backyard Home Theater

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